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BigBrother is a platform that provides businesses and governments with profound data-driven analysis on everything that affects your brand and could help you optimize your performance on all levels. It provides all-inclusive high quality data, collected from diverse sources through crawling and aggregation techniques, that integrate the human factor and evaluate your audience based on a comprehensive scope that dig deep into their lifestyles, tones and needs. It listens to your brand reputation and exposure, understands your target audience and analyze their buying cycle, evaluates your content strategy and overall performance, assesses your competitors pain points and best practices, detects crisis, and provides strategic recommendations that will help you make the correct business and marketing decisions to stay on top and ahead of your competition.

BigBrother God Father

Professor Hamed Abou Gamrah is a veteran demographers. He graduated from Cairo University 1959, faculty of sociology did several studies in statistics and demography at the Cairo demographic center. He received his PHD from universite Catholique De Louvain-Belgium 1974

Professor Hamed continued to both the academic and public works on a global scale. He was a professor of demography in the population laboratory, University of North Carolina. In addition, he also worked as a full time professor at the American university In Cairo​, ​Society ​R​esearch ​C​enter.

In 1980, professor Hamed joined the United Nation ESCWA as a region adviser, where he supported all MENA region in putting different societal planning and supervised many ​censuses ​ ​.

Professor Hamed has a long list of research that were published globally. His theories are being studied in every demography curriculum worldwide for post ad undergraduate.

Professor Hamed was BigBrother social data consultant. He worked with our ​data scientist to realize the different data model​es ​ and building the mathematical equations used by the Analytics system.

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