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Why BigBrother Analytics ?

BigBrother allows businesses and governments make data-driven business and marketing decisions. BigBrother answers strategic questions for each lifestyle segments. Whether you want to listen to your brand reputation, exposure or competitors performance, understand what triggers people to buy your products, what do they love and hate about your products, what do they expect from your services, best of all...

you don`t only get charts and insights, you get the analysis of the data.


Data Sources

No need to buy insights when you can have clean, accurate and quality data, filtered, segmented and analyzed. There are over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web today around 75% of websites are not active, but parked domains. We do care about the quality of the data so we crawl the active ones for each country, the good thing about it, BigBrother crawler is topic based on making sure that we listen to all the relevant data that would affect you whether you are NMCs, SMEs, NGO, local business or government. We also have data that we collect manually and feed it to the system. The sources are quite diversified, we collect data from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, YouTube, play store, apple store, ecommerce sites, blogs and forums along with the long tail niche sites.


Lifestyle segmentation

Modern Traditionalists

Wishful Wannabes

Popular Mainstreams

Societal Strivers

Self-Indulgent Conservatives

Cultured Progressives

Impulsive Stars

Demographical segmentation isn`t enough. People might be of different age groups, social classes or genders but still, live the same lifestyles we segment people by attitudes, tones, levers and needs.


Platform architecture

Data Collection

We crawl, aggregate and collect manually quality and relevant data and store it industry, brand or products level. Data can be misleading, that`s why the data sets we pinpoint is based on context, content, topics, location, language, duration, source, demographics and lifestyle segments

Data Analysis

Enough social metrics! Get business and marketing insights that will help you optimize your product packaging, offerings, communication, medias, tone of voice moreover, it will tell you Why would or wouldn`t your target audience buy your products / services

Benchmark your company`s performance against your competitors and identify best practices and their pain points.

Data Verification

Because human factor is so important, we verify the data and check its quality via quarterly online surveys and apply its results on social science statistical equations for algorithms optimization and machine learning.

Data Visualisation

BigBrother dashboard visualizes the data in a simple way that can be read by technical IT folks, marketing specialists and senior top management and understood easily

Reports generator: smart report generator system that allows data analysts to compile insightful reports real-time and instantaneously be able to create a report that includes graphs and its analysis. Choose from pre-defined templates to get up and running your scheduled reports in minutes.