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Data driven events


Big Brother identifies potential and present attendees, what relevant topics they are talking about and what triggers them to or prevents them from attending.
It helps brands completely understand their audience and attendees, knowing their lifestyle segments, attitudes, attributes, interests, affinities and demographics. This allows the event organizers to optimize their communication & marketing strategies.

During event

Big Brother then provides real-time event monitoring all talks on the event, including related mentions, posts and hashtags. It gives instructions on what to cover and focus on during the event. It observes and also predicts the peak moments for the broadcasting crew to help them be prepared to cover the most trending and valuable moments of the event.

Post event

Once it’s all over, the post-event report reveals to the organizers the overall performance of the event, what went good/bad, what people loved the most and who from the media and influencers were the key contributors to the overall evaluation.

Data Driven Events Coverage