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TV channels monitoring

The Report Will Be Released on the 25th. of May, to Cover: 

TV Channels Analysis

  • Top Viewed TV Channels
  • TV Channels Media & PR Exposure
  • TV Channels Buying Cycle
  • TV Channels Product Analysis
  • Sentiment & Emotion Analysis
  • TV Channels Reputation Analysis
  • TV Channels Time Analysis
  • TV channels Content Strategy & Performance

Programs Analysis

  • Top Viewed Programs / TV Channel
  • Top programs credibility index
  • Top Programs Media & PR Exposure
  • Top Programs Buying Cycle
  • Top Programs Product Analysis
  • Sentiment & Emotion Analysis
  • Top Programs Reputation Analysis
  • Top Topics Sentiment & Emotions Vs. Viewers Impact

Presenters Analysis

  • How Popular Are They
  • What Is Their Influence Authority
  • Top Presenters Reputation
  • What People Love And Hate About Them

Ads Analysis

  • Top viewed ads
  • Peak Months People Search For Top Products
  • Peak Times To Advertise On / TV Channel

Viewers Analysis

  • Top Products Viewers Love / TV Channels
  • Lifestyle Segmentation
  • Age And Gender Split
  • Interests And Affinities
  • Professions And Relationship Status
  • Devices And Operating Systems
  • Location Split
  • Top Keywords They Use To Search For TV Channels
  • Top Influencers

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