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Industry monitoring

BigBrother monitors different industries verticals like banking, real estate, media, sports & entertainment, pharmaceutical, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), travel, retail, food & drink, automotive, beauty & fitness, education, NGOs, consumer electronics, telecommunication, insurance, software and more
Industry reports help brands to indicate how big the industry is using online normalized data to indicate both online and offline insights.
It reveals the business opportunity, media exposure, key industry players and how they are performing online. What is their reputation, what triggers people to buy their products and services, what are their pain points, which content performs better and what people think of their products
Identify topics that are trending in your industry and understand what’s driving interactions and loyalty
Identify the most effective industry influencers to collaborate with.

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Brand listening

Everything that you need to know about your brand online is revealed in BigBrother’s Brand Listening reports. Know how well and effective your online assets are performing. Receive data-based recommendations on how to optimize your website, SEO, media, leads generation and social media performance.

BigBrother listens to all conversations around your brand and products on the web, social media, mobile apps, blogs and more, and it then analyzes your brand media and PR exposure, buying cycle, product analysis, target audience analysis and customer service performance and attacks journeys and top influencers talking about your brand.

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Competitor analysis

This is your chance to know everything about your competitor’s entire online presence, performance and audience. Come to terms with what people actually love and what their pain points are so that you can make smarter data-driven decisions.

BigBrother provides you with a thorough revelation of your competitor’s content strategy, which of their content is performing best, why people are triggered to buy from them and what their after sale challenges are. Identify your competitor’s best practices and pain points to stay ahead of them.

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TV channels monitoring

The TV media industry is quite fast-paced with changes that constantly take place on a 24/7 basis. The industry makers like the marketers, producers, broadcasters and hosts have, for a long time, relied on getting insufficient insights like ratings and TRPs (Targeting Rating Points).

TV channel makers and marketers could leverage the power of digital media to collect the right data sets, analyze them and get data-driven business insights. This method is tangible because the number of monthly active internet users is a good representation of the population, and because the data is collected during airing engagements that include reactions, emotions, perceptions, and suggestions.

BigBrother reveals more detailed insights of the TV media channels. It tells you which channels are most viewed and what the top performing programs are. You will also find out the topics that viewers prefer and prioritize the most. Other important data is also revealed in the TV Channels report, like the impact of TV – to what extent the makers follow the TV & media code of ethics, which agenda they set in their content, their influence on crisis and most importantly, their influence on viewers.

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Campaign effectiveness

Measure how effective your ad campaign is and how it’s affecting your business or entity. BigBrother’s Campaign Effectiveness report tells you the campaign’s share of voice in comparison with your competitors’, how people are perceiving the campaign, who is talking about it and the topics associated with it, its ROI and who the key contributors are.

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Audience Insights

Find out who is interested in your products or services through BigBrother’s detailed Target Audience report. It digs deep into your target audience’s lifestyles, attitudes and attributes. Know everything you need to know about them from what they do for a living to what content attracts them the most, their interests and affinities, which devices they use, languages and keywords they speak and what products and brands they use.

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Content strategy & performance

BigBrother detects your content strategy’s efficiency and helps you benchmark your performance against your competitors and industry players. The Content Strategy report clarifies the paid content strategy and gives you recommendations on how to make your content more effective to your target audience by telling you how to publish at the right time in the right formats with the effective keywords.

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Customer service performance

BigBrother analyzes your customer service performance and where it stands compared to your competitors’. The Customer Service Performance report reveals data that tells you how many customer service inquiries have been mentioned across profiles in a given timeframe, CS reply performance, the top customers after sale issues, average response time and peak times and days.

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Products analysis

Know exactly what people love/hate about your products and what they expect from you as a brand, as opposed to your competitors. BigBrother’s Product Analysis report gives you the insights you need to personalize your brand’s marketing and communication plan according to each target segment, so that you would be able to optimize your product packaging and create data-driven creative solutions that will surely bring you better results.

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Buying cycle analysis

Knowing your target audience doesn’t end by knowing their segmentation and affiliations. You have to effectively pinpoint the purchasing stage they’re at in order to optimize the content you provide them with. BigBrother’s Buying Cycle analysis report shows the process people go through to make a purchase. It reveals in which stage your potential buyers are, what triggers them to buy your product, what makes them decide to buy it, why they would buy your products and not others and whether they have had a good or bad experience upon purchase.

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Media & PR monitoring

Because online assets analysis is not always enough to assess your brand’s performance, the BigBrother platform also provides you with a monitoring report that tells you what TV channels, PR companies, and global news sites say about your brand across a period of time, in addition to how people perceive these news.

BigBrother tracks and analyzes your Media & PR exposure from television, radio, online news and social media, detects whether the mentions were positive, negative or neutral. It reveals the top channels and influencers that talk about your brand and in what context.

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Crisis detection & prediction

You can now safely predict a potential media or PR crisis before it happens. BigBrother has specific crisis management algorithms that detect sudden changes in conversations and critical situations.

The crisis detection & prediction analytics send early crisis indicators and alerts that notice what people are saying about your brand to give you the chance to take action in real time. The crisis meter predicts when the crisis would explode and how sensitive the situation is.

Once the objection handling techniques and messages are out, brands can then monitor and measure the change rate and the crisis management techniques’ effectiveness.

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Data driven events


BigBrother identifies potential and present attendees, what relevant topics they are talking about and what triggers them to or prevents them from attending.
It helps brands completely understand their audience and attendees, knowing their lifestyle segments, attitudes, attributes, interests, affinities and demographics. This allows the event organizers to optimize their communication & marketing strategies.

During event

BigBrother then provides real-time event monitoring all talks on the event, including related mentions, posts and hashtags. It gives instructions on what to cover and focus on during the event. It observes and also predicts the peak moments for the broadcasting crew to help them be prepared to cover the most trending and valuable moments of the event.

Post event

Once it’s all over, the post-event report reveals to the organizers the overall performance of the event, what went good/bad, what people loved the most and who from the media and influencers were the key contributors to the overall evaluation.

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Banking Industry Monitoring

Banking Industry reports help banks to indicate how big the industry is using online normalized data to indicate both online and offline insights. It reveals the business opportunity, media exposure, key industry players and how they are performing. What is their reputation, what triggers people to buy their products and services, what are their pain points, which content performs better, what people think of their products, identify trending topics and understand what’s driving interactions and loyalty and Identify the most effective industry influencers to collaborate with. 

BigBrother listens to Banque du Caire, Banque Misr, National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Ahli United Bank, Bank of Alexandria, Commercial International Bank (CIB), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Al Baraka Bank, Arab African International Bank (AAIB), Bank Audi, Credit Agricol, Egyptian Gulf Bank (EGBank), Emirates NBD, Faisal Islamic Bank, Housing and Development Bank, HSBC Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, National Bank of Kuwait and QNB ALAHLI.

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Buyer Tracker

Big Brother Analytics ( BBA )realized the importance of providing our clients with more rapid and exact insights about the buyer behavior as it changes due to the current Coronavirus Crisis And After.We realized that the reasons people buy are different from one social segment to the other, and  changing rapidly.

Our BB Buyer Tracker is industry specific and geo-specific monthly report.

The report will allow marketers and media specialist do a much better targeting online / off line, and with the right message narrative. Which immediately result into higherROI on media spending and quality lead generation.

And we will keep optimizing our algorism to keep the quality of our insights.

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Income Predictions ( Official / Non-Official )

 Big Brother Analytics Dashboard for official and nonofficial income profiling prediction:We have profiled the Egyptians white coalars by professions and added to that many attributes that affects their total income , like location , gender , lifestyle … And of course their official profession , and the non-official ones too.We Have depicted the professional income from HR firms that does the salary surveys in Egypt and  tested the quality in each sector in the country to make sure the data accuracy is very close to the truth ( 95+ % )   We Have also used our ( OSINT ) technology to collect right estimates for non-official incomes with ( min- max - mean ).

All above data will be updated on a monthly basis.

Collected and analyzed  data will be anonymized.

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